All this right in front of your child's school, saving you valuable time and driving around.


Classes at school


It’s gym class meets recess – on wheels!


  • ​Structured with weekly lesson plans
  • Non- competitive
  • Taught by certified instructors
  • For ages 2 to 10
  • Lots of fun

Las Vegas TUMBLEBUS is a full-sized school bus that has been converted into a fun and safe gymnastics center. The bus is equipped with padded walls and floor, monkey bars, balance beam, vault, rings, rope, bars, climbing apparatus, even a Zip-Line and much more!

In our program every child will LEARN the basic foundations of gymnastics, fitness, motor development skills, balance and coordination. With a foundation like this they are able to DEVELOP strength, flexibility, cognitive benefits, self-confidence and social skills. The skills they learn and develop on the TUMBLEBUS will allow them to GROW and be successful in other sports and major areas in their life!

Las Vegas TUMBLEBUS is brought right in front of your child’s school on a weekly basis, NEVER transporting any children, though they ask when will we leave, every time. We provide a 30 minute structured gymnastics and fitness program that increases strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and social skills in a non-competitive atmosphere. The lesson plans are structured and change every week. Our classes are designed for children ages 18 months to 10 years and everyone participates in the group activities staying engaged throughout the entire lesson!

We offer a year around program with ongoing enrollment. However, if your child signs up during the middle of a session, your first monthly payment will be pro-rated accordingly. If your child is currently attending a school we service and you would like to enroll them in the TUMBLEBUS program, you can complete our ENROLLMENT FORM, enclose a check payable to Las Vegas TUMBLEBUS, leave cash or fill out the Credit Card portion and drop all in our Red TUMBLEBUS DropBox, usually located at your childcare center.

* Improves child’s fitness

* Promotes self esteem &              confidence

* Enhances physical,- and            motor development

* Learn to follow directions,          listen and set goals

* Develops coordination,              flexibility, strength & power